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Lower your energy costs and improve tenant comfort with weatherization

September 30, 2020

Many residential multi-family buildings in the Chicagoland area were built before the establishment of modern building codes. While built with high-quality materials, these homes often lack basic energy saving weatherization. Insufficient weatherization can increase operations and maintenance costs for building owners and increase energy bills for tenants

One of the simplest ways to weatherize your multi-family building is to air seal gaps between its walls, floors, and ceiling with spray foam.

Air sealing reduces energy loss by preventing air from flowing through gaps in your building’s envelope. A tighter envelope eliminates cold drafts and helps to keep pollen, dust, and insects from entering your building.

Air can also escape through your building’s walls, floors, basement and attic, even if there aren’t gaps in its envelope.

This causes your HVAC system to work harder to keep your building cool or warm, resulting in higher energy bills for tenants. Installing fiberglass or cellulose insulation in these areas will keep warm air from radiating outside in the winter and retain cold air in the summer. Insulation also helps you regulate and control your building’s temperature and reduce noise that comes from the outdoors. 

Weatherization measures like air sealing and insulation work hand in hand to keep your building warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

A well-sealed building, paired with the right insulation, will significantly lower your operating and maintenance costs and may help create a healthier, safer, more comfortable home for your tenants.

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program makes it easy to maintain an energy-efficient multi-family building.

Multi-family properties with residents that meet income qualifications may be eligible for FREE comprehensive energy efficiency retrofits including FREE weatherization improvements in common areas and tenant spaces. Call ComEd at 1-855-433-2700 and schedule your FREE energy upgrades assessment.

Properties with residents that don’t meet the income qualifications may qualify for a FREE assessment and FREE installation of energy-saving products.