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Words of wisdom from ComEd dads

June 16, 2021

Whether he taught you how to ride a bike or was there to offer advice, dads and father figures can be important parts of our lives.

In honor of Father’s Day, ComEd dads share lessons they learned from their jobs that they’ve passed on to their kids.

“What I have tried to pass on is to take risks in what you are doing. Put your neck out there. Take the initiative. And as my father always said, find a way or make one. The impossible takes a little longer. Sure, you will draw fire on more than one occasion and things won’t always go your way, but you will grow and develop exponentially.

- Terry Donnelly, President & COO

“ComEd has given me many experiences and values over the last 24 years, which has made me a good employee and even a better father to my three girls. I’ve taught my daughters the values of being safe and always knowing their surroundings. I’ve also taught them the importance of being respectful, having a strong work ethic, listening, having patience and understanding the true meaning of diversity and how it impacts everything we do. My girls and I are a team, and teamwork is another value that has shaped me in my career at ComEd. ComEd has given my family multiple opportunities to participate in activities and volunteer events, which have shaped the way my daughters think and the importance of looking outside of themselves.”

- Vito Martino, Vice President of Distribution Operations

“We practice making safe choices every day. From learning to cross a street and our newest lesson, safely using power outlets (can’t let those iPads die), we strive to incorporate the topic of safety in everything we do.”

-Christopher Khalid, Energy Efficiency Program Manager

“I passed on to my kids to always speak up if they see something that looks unsafe because the other person could have missed it. Also, I taught them to be helpful to others and to work as a team. For most of my adult life, I’ve been independent and worked alone. But once I came to my current job, that changed. I found out that working collectively as a crew made things easier with different points of view to complete a task.”

-Levon Lawrence, Construction Crew Leader

‘Time out for safety’ is one learning from my job that I have passed on to my daughter. Whether we are going for a quick store run or having some fun at the park, I am careful to make time to ensure my daughter and I are safe. When risks are present, we take a ‘time out for safety’ to clear and remediate any potential unsafe conditions.”

-Dantawn Nicholson, Senior Program Manager