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Transform Your Garden into a Pollinator Paradise

June 26, 2020

Native pollinator species, such as bees, butterflies and birds are critical to maintaining healthy ecosystems and the production of food we consume every day.

Unfortunately, climate change, urbanization and agricultural practices are among the leading factors to negatively impact pollinator populations.

This National Pollinator Week, June 22 to 28, celebrate pollinators with our fun pollinator coloring sheets! Want to go a step further? Create a safe haven for pollinators to enjoy, whether you have a small apartment balcony or a large backyard.

Follow these steps to transform your garden into a pollinator paradise: 

1. Location, location, location – Chose a location that suits your audience. Butterflies  and other pollinators like to be in the sun. For example, monarch butterflies enjoy nectar plants such as milkweed, which require full sunlight.

2. Pick your plants – Select milkweed and wildflowers species that thrive in your area and do well in your soil and sunlight conditions. Native plants are recommended because they require less maintenance. Don’t forget to include perennials to ensure your plants come back each year.

3. Seeds or plants – Decide if you want to start your garden using seeds or small plants. Seeds are more budget-friendly, especially for larger gardens. Plants can cost more but will attract pollinators during the current growing season.

4. Prep your garden – Remove grass and turn your soil. Make sure to use nutrient-rich compost or soil so your plants can grow healthy.

5. Think beyond summer – Plant your seeds during fall and late winter to ensure they can   germinate. Disperse your seeds and cover with soil in the fall or scatter the seeds over the snow in the winter. If you’re using plants, make sure you follow guidance to avoid the threat of frost.

6. Welcome, pollinators! – Once you’ve created your own pollinator garden, you’ve hung the sign for visits from butterflies and other pollinators. To keep the welcome sign lit, remember to water and weed your garden to keep it healthy.

ComEd is proud to support the conservation of monarchs and other pollinators and their vital breeding habitats in northern Illinois. ComEd was named the 2019 Monarch Sustainer of the Year by Pollinator Partnership, for restoring native and remnant prairie habitats in key locations where monarchs and other pollinators breed. We’re also committed to spreading at least one-million milkweed seeds throughout our transmission rights-of-way.

We hope you will join ComEd in protecting pollinators.