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Top Five Tools to Save Energy, Money with Your Smart Meter

February 1, 2018

Now that most ComEd customers have smart meters, ComEd wants you to save energy and save money on your electric bills by using smart meter-enabled tools.

Jump into savings by…

 1. Accessing Personalized Energy-Management Tools through your online ComEd account. Check out free personalized energy saving tips, set savings goals, and receive high-usage alerts when you are using more electricity than usual. You can also sign up to receive weekly usage reports via email.

2. Enroll in the Peak Time Savings program and earn a credit on your energy bill when you voluntarily reduce your energy usage during Peak Time Savings Hours to below what you normally consume. Since debuting in the summer of 2015, ComEd’s Peak Time Savings program has awarded more than $2.4 million in bill credits to participants – these credits appear as actual dollars off the customers’ total bills.

3. Enrolling in Hourly Pricing so that you, as a residential customer, can pay the hourly prices for electricity. You can save money by using electricity when prices are lower. Participants also receive customer support and services to help manage costs. Services include real-time high price alerts, predicted day-ahead high price alerts, an online bill comparison tool, and information to guide energy decisions.

4. Enrolling in Energy Insights Online, which monitors a building’s electricity consumption and converts this data into simple, easy-to-understand usage graphs and reports that can be accessed online. Business customers also have the option of enhancing their energy data access and visibility with Green Button Connect My Data (GBC). GBC is an easy way for customers to share their electricity usage data in a standardized format with third party providers of their choice.

5. Enrolling in the Business Energy Analyzer, which analyzes your business’ electricity usage month-to-month or year-to-year. Business customers can receive personalized energy efficiency tips based on their usage, identify potential cost savings and set energy efficiency goals, and understand how their electricity usage compares with similar businesses.

ComEd has been installing smart meters for its nearly 4 million residential and business customers since 2012. The installation is expected to be completed this year. Watch the video to see what customers have to say. For more information, visit