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Honoring “Smiley” and all others who keep the lights on

July 10, 2019

Whether they’re scaling a 40-foot pole or repairing a power line, lineworkers are there, rain or shine, to ensure reliable and safe energy to homes and business.

In honor of National Lineworker Appreciation Day, it’s important to recognize the dedicated men and women who help power our communities. ComEd Lineworker Nick Mohr is no exception.

 “A lineworker is more than just an electrician working on energizing equipment,” Mohr said. “It’s a humbling job that requires bravery, passion and continuous learning.”

From connecting and insulating conductors to repairing damaged poles, each day brings something different. After four years on the job, Mohr says no two days are the same.

“It’s impossible to have just a typical day out in the field because every day is so different,” he said. “Many people think lineworkers are just for maintenance, but there’s a lot more to it.”

Each day brings something new, but one thing that remains constant is the importance of safety.

“Safety is the biggest thing,” Mohr said. “Being a lineworker brings a new perspective on safety and why it’s so important.”

Along with safe work practices, Mohr emphasizes that a good attitude is important for success. Also known by his coworkers as “Smiley,” Mohr brings a positive attitude to work and is always helping and cheering on his crew.

“Lineworkers have one of the coolest jobs,” he said. “Although being liable for powering communities is a huge responsibility, it’s so rewarding.”

Mohr is just one example of the many ComEd women and men in the field who make sacrifices to serve their communities. On Lineworker Appreciation Day (and every day), consider taking a moment to thank them for their hard work and commitment.