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ComEd virtual program inspires students to explore careers in STEM

March 9, 2021

For the past five-months, more than 100 students have been learning about STEM education as part of the ComEd STEM Home Labs. This new, virtual program is designed to boost students’ confidence, knowledge and career paths in STEM through hands-on experiments in a year where many extracurricular, in-person programs are on hold.

Students tuned into their virtual “lab” one Saturday a month, from October through February, and completed projects in real-time alongside their peers, guided by ComEd mentors along with university professor and STEM influencer Dr. Kate Biberdorf. Prior to each session, students received their STEM Home Lab kits in a custom package, complete with materials and instructions tailored to each project.

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What students said about their experience in the program:

See them in action:

In the final lab, students used what they learned in the previous labs to build a Rube Goldberg machine which is a complex machine that achieves a simple task. Each of the students had the opportunity to create their own machine or follow directions to create a standard machine.

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