Welcome in summer with Tom Skilling

May 3, 2019

’Tis the season for beachgoers, lemonade stands and picnics. The warm season is upon us (finally), and it’s time to get outside and celebrate. What better way to do so than with legendary WGN Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling?

People from across Chicagoland will join him this Sunday as he hosts the Switch on Summer festival, where ComEd and the Chicago Park District join forces to turn on Buckingham Fountain and welcome the warm-weather season.

In the meantime, learn Tom’s go-to dinner spots and destinations, and all the things he enjoys about the summer season in and around Chicago.

ComEd: What are your favorite restaurants to go to in the summer?

Tom Skilling: I have so many favorites, it’s hard to list them. Love Shaws and L’Woods any time of the year– it’s just fun to get together with friends and family members at such wonderful restaurants. Shaw’s seafood is magnificent.

ComEd: What is your favorite summer vacation?

Tom Skilling: I love our Chicago lakefront. I live on the lakeshore in Edgewater and love to see beachgoers out at Edgewater Beach and to hear the happy voices of children taking a swim. Also, the waters just offshore are a favorite gathering spot for boaters who drop anchor and occasionally take a swim. It’s just a beautiful time of the year and such a wonderful change from being locked indoors away from the cold.

Taking a drive out into farm country surrounding the city or up to the rolling hills of Wisconsin is such a joy. I get a real kick out of following the progress of the corn and crops growing when I can escape the city for a drive.

ComEd: What do you like to do to welcome in summer (besides host Switch on Summer)?

Tom Skilling: The arrival of warm temperatures means I can throw my windows open and let the fresh air in. There’s a smell to the spring and summer air which is so wonderful!

For more information on Switch on Summer go to ComEd.com/SwitchOnSummer.