Supporting Customers

Unlocking Convenience with ComEd’s AutoPay

January 23, 2024

New year, new transformation! In an exciting move to revolutionize customers energy management, ComEd will launch a new customer billing system that will improve customer service and how a customer interacts with ComEd. With that, ComEd reminds customers of the growing benefits of enrolling in AutoPay—where a customer’s ComEd bill payment is deducted automatically from their bank account each month on its due date, no more writing checks!

Why is it important for customers to embrace AutoPay?

Life is busy, and remembering bill due dates can be a hassle. AutoPay ensures stress-free payments by automating the process. “AutoPay is a game-changer for our customers. It takes the worry out of remembering due dates and simplifies the entire payment experience,” said Wendy Kutz, Senior Marketing Specialist at ComEd.

With AutoPay, a customer’s monthly bill is paid directly from their bank account, with no fees—which takes the worry out of missed or late payments. AutoPay ensures bills are paid on time, promoting a positive payment history and saving customers from unnecessary charges.

Managing monthly energy payments with AutoPay becomes a breeze and ComEd understands that a customer’s time is precious. “Time is a valuable resource for our customers. AutoPay gives them the freedom to focus on what truly matters to them, without the hassle of manual payments,” added Wendy.

AutoPay also enhances a customer’s budgeting efforts. Predictable, timely payments empower customers to plan their finances more effectively. “AutoPay is a tool for financial empowerment. It provides customers with a consistent and reliable payment structure, contributing to better budgeting,” mentioned Wendy.

Benefits of AutoPay with New Customer-Information System

In mid-February, ComEd plans to launch a new customer billing system that will provide all residential and business customers with a new, unique account number. These numbers will remain with each customer no matter where they start a new service, or move to a new address, or cancel service within the ComEd service territory and open another account later.

An added benefit to enrolling in AutoPay is that it will allow customers to bypass updating their banking information with their new ComEd account numbers. ComEd’s new billing system will do this for AutoPay customers automatically. The customer won’t need to do anything! Other customers, especially eBill customers and those who pay their ComEd bill directly through a bank or other financial institution, will need to update their new account numbers themselves to ensure payments continue to be applied to their accounts.

“We want our customers to experience a smooth transition. Enrolling in AutoPay now ensures they continue to benefit from automated payments without disruption,” said Julie Swart, Project Manager on ComEd’s Customer Care and Billing team.

ComEd is committed to delivering the best customer experience. The transition to AutoPay with new account numbers is a testament to the energy company’s customer-centric approach. ComEd is always looking for ways to enhance customer satisfaction. AutoPay is designed with customers in mind.

“Our customers matter. We are here to assist them throughout the transition, ensuring they have the support they need,” states Julie. ComEd encourages customers to enroll in AutoPay today to unlock the benefits.

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