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Understanding your personal energy reliability

March 12, 2020

ComEd customers enjoyed the best reliability in company history last year. In fact, most customers experienced no outages at all. The reason: improvements and investments made to ComEd’s energy grid.

To help residential customers see the real impact on their electric service, the company is providing them with their own personalized reliability reports.

What is it?

The reports summarize the percentage of time customers received power over the course of the year and the number of outages they experienced, if any.

Residential customers will be able to compare this information with the previous year, as well as the percentage of time power was available for their municipality and for customers across the communities ComEd serves.

Why is it important?

The report helps customers see the real impact of ComEd’s energy grid investments on their electric service.

In 2011, ComEd began a multiyear effort to upgrade the electric grid. The result is a smart grid that has reduced the frequency of outages by 47 percent and the length of outages by 52 percent. The smart grid also helps empower residents and businesses with new tools to save money and energy.

Since 2012, ComEd customers have been spared more than 13 million service interruptions due in part to smart grid and system improvements. These include digital “smart switches” that automatically reroute power around potential problem areas. The avoided outages have resulted in $2.4 billion in societal savings.

When will customers receive their reports?

Residential customers will receive their reports with their March 2020 bills if they were customers of record at their current location as of Jan. 1, 2019, and have not stopped service with ComEd by the time they receive their March bill.

Customers who receive their bills electronically will receive an email link to their reports, along with their electronic bills.

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