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Summer Plans in Full Swing with ComEd’s Energy Force Ambassadors; Sparking a Change One Event at a Time

June 4, 2024

As summer starts to kick off and summer fest become part of the season, keep an out for ComEd’s Energy Force Ambassadors (EFA) at neighborhood events! Because in an era marked by growing environmental concerns and the priority to embrace sustainable practices, initiatives like the ComEd EFA Program are emerging as catalysts for change.

Celebrating its 13th year, the EFA program is a job training program for talented adults with developmental disabilities and empowers them to become ambassadors for ComEd’s pioneering solar initiatives and award-winning energy-efficiency program.

With the support of 30 esteemed local organizations across northern Illinois, these dedicated ambassadors play a pivotal role in educating customers on the essential information needed to adopt greener practices while unlocking savings on their monthly utility bills. The EFA program has successfully interacted with 50,000 to 70,000 customers each year, spreading awareness and driving positive change within our communities.

This program not only underscores the importance of energy conservation but also empowers communities to take steps towards a greener future. Sean Moloney, Manager of Corporate Community Impact at ComEd, and the driving force behind the ComEd EFA program, emphasizes its significance, “Our mission goes beyond powering 9 million lives: it’s about fostering a culture of responsibility and empowerment within our communities. Through education and partnerships, we aim to inspire individuals to become stewards of energy conservation.” Since 2023, ComEd has had 30 ambassadors enrolled in the EFA program, marking the highest number ComEd has ever seen.

Providing Opportunities for New and Returning Ambassadors

ComEd connected with Lucas V., Juan C., and Kevin F., who explained how training for the role is helping to shape a cleaner future in their communities!

For Lucas, 2024 marks his remarkable 8th year of participation, a testament to his enduring commitment. Meanwhile, Juan and Kevin embark on their first journey as ambassadors for sustainable living, marking the beginning of their transformative impact.

Lucas, a seasoned ambassador from Chicago and a member of Special Olympics Chicago/Special Children’s Charities, shares his lasting enthusiasm: “Being part of the Energy Force Ambassador Program for 8 years has helped me make a difference in my community. I can help educate others about energy conservation.” In his leisure time, Lucas enjoys indulging in his favorite Special Olympic sport, Bocce, and expanding his social circle through movie nights.

Similarly, Juan, representing El Valor and first-time ambassador, who is bilingual in English and Spanish, is passionate about the benefits his work will have on the community, connection more people to energy saving measures. “This program will help me obtain a position that will challenge my abilities and help me grow.”  He adds, “I want to bring awareness to the community.” Juan has always been passionate about helping the community and has a love for music which developed through his hobby of singing karaoke with his family, a talent the family did not know he had. In his spare time, Juan likes singing the Mexican classics from famous artist like Vincente Fernandez and Joan Sebastian.

Kevin, from Helping Hand, understands that responding to climate change inquires collaboration. “I have always been interested in learning different things and helping people, by being an EFA I get to do both.  I am going to learn more about energy efficiency and will be helping the public understand how to save energy at large,” he asserts. Despite being new to his role as an EFA, Kevin is determined to contribute wholeheartedly to a successful year ahead. “My goals this year as an EFA is to work hard and be the best EFA I can be.  I am new to this role, but I am willing to jump in and help wherever possible to make this a successful year.”

Beyond his commitments, Kevin enjoys playing basketball, engaging in track and field activities, and immersing himself in sports literature, particularly focusing on Chicago teams. He also relishes leisurely walks around his neighborhood whenever the weather permits.

The ComEd Energy Force Ambassadors stand ready to assist customers in discovering innovative ways to save energy. Join them at select events in your area, as they champion sustainable living and community empowerment:

The 2024 Energy Force Ambassador Program application is now closed, but please visit ComEd.com/EnergyForceAmbassador for more information on applications for next fall!

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