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Smart Hubs Help Spark Energy Awareness

May 23, 2017

Most of us know what to expect when we flip on a light switch, but do we know what takes place behind the scenes to make that happen? Or where the electricity comes from and how it gets to our home?

Those answers, and many more, can be found in ComEd’s Smart Energy Hubs – one at the Chicago Training Center located at 3536 S. Iron St., and the other at the Rockford Training Center located at 403 Energy Ave.

Both of the Smart Energy Hubs include six interactive stations designed to engage students from all grades, as well as adults. Visitors can learn about how electricity is generated and delivered, as well as the best and easiest ways to save energy with smart technologies. They also can learn more about our energy future – smart, clean, lean – and how ComEd is helping to lay the foundation for that future now.

Collectively the two Smart Energy Hubs have hosted nearly 5,000 visitors since opening in April and November of 2016 respectively.

The Smart Energy Hubs are housed at ComEd’s state-of-the-art training centers in Chicago and Rockford, where hundreds of employees each year receive the latest training – and also where ComEd is laying the foundation for the workforce of the future through training programs for high school students interested in careers in energy.

Recently, the Chicago Training Center became ComEd’s first facility to be awarded the LEED Gold building certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Both training centers were made possible by the Smart Grid Law passed by the Illinois General Assembly in 2011. The law opened the doors for ComEd to modernize its 100-year old electric delivery system and provide customers with now record power reliability and more programs and options to manage electricity usage, while also enhancing economic development in Illinois and building smart infrastructure for the future.

See how students, and their teachers, enjoyed their visit to the Smart Energy Hub Chicago. Book your trip to either location on the ComEd website.