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Q&A: What to know about community solar

December 10, 2019

This type of farm isn’t used to grow crops or raise livestock.

Community solar – also known as a “farm” of solar panels – allows residents and businesses to share in the benefits of solar energy without having to install panels of their own.


What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is a solar solution that gives all customers access to energy produced by the sun.  If the roof at your home or business isn’t ideal for a private solar energy system, you can still earn solar credits by subscribing to a Community Solar Project. A Community Solar Project is a “farm” of solar panels owned and operated by a Community Solar Developer. As a subscriber, you will receive credits on your utility bill based on your portion of energy produced by the system each month.


How do I sign up for Community Solar?

Every Community Solar Project has an enrollment process.  Use the “Find a Developer” link to find a list of developers in your area to get started.  


Can subscribers still buy electricity from a Retail Electric Supplier?

Yes, subscribing in a Community Solar Project does not impact your right to choose another energy supplier. ComEd will continue to deliver the energy to your home when you participate in Community Solar, regardless of your supplier.


How will I receive my solar energy credits?

Your Community Solar Developer will supply your subscription credit information to ComEd every month. You will see a line item on your bill that reads “Renewable Community Supply Credit.”


Will I still have a ComEd bill to pay?

Subscribers will receive two bills:  the energy bill you normally receive reflecting the credits earned based on the energy generated by the solar farm, and a bill from the Community Solar Developer for your subscription.


Will ComEd charge a fee for administrating my subscription?

No.  ComEd does not own or manage community solar solutions. Third-party developers will install, own and maintain any number of community solar solutions available near you.


As a subscriber will I need to install solar panels or other equipment at my property?

No.  The solar panels are not installed at your property. They are owned and maintained by the Community Solar Developer.


Can I subscribe to more than one Community Solar Project?

Yes.  As long as the total Community Solar subscriptions do not exceed 110% of your historical annual energy consumption. 


Can I sell, transfer or cancel my subscription?

Every Community Solar Project is unique. Contact your developer for details.