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Q&A: What to know about community solar

November 25, 2019

This type of farm isn’t used to grow crops or raise livestock.

Community solar – also known as a “farm” of solar panels – allows residents and businesses to share in the benefits of solar energy without having to install panels of their own.


How does community solar work?

Residential and business customers can subscribe to a community solar project for a portion of the energy it generates and earn bill credits from ComEd.


How many community solar projects are there in Illinois?

While many projects are planned, Rainy Solar Inc. is the first company in northern Illinois to develop and operate a community solar project. The farm of solar panels on the roof of the company’s Elgin, Ill., building generates and delivers energy through the grid to homes, businesses and other consumers. Subscribers include ComEd customers located in Elgin and several other suburbs throughout Chicagoland.

In October, ComEd awarded Rainy Solar a nearly $300,000 rebate for the project as part of the company’s distributed generation rebate program.


Will there be more community solar projects in the future?

Currently, 40 community solar projects are fully funded and scheduled for construction in northern Illinois in 2019 and 2020.


Where can I subscribe to a community solar project?

As community solar becomes more widely available, you can sign up to receive updates and information here.


Where can I learn more?

Visit www.ComEd.com/solar to learn more about your solar options and the interconnection process.