Advancing Clean Energy

Optimize your building’s performance with energy-saving measures

April 12, 2021

For many multi-family building owners, utility bills often account for a significant amount of operating costs. Implementing the right combination of simple, low- or no-cost measures, along with larger capital measures, can improve your bottom line and enhance tenant comfort, safety, and satisfaction.

Start small by installing energy-saving ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs in common areas and tenant units.

Replacing inefficient incandescent, halogen, or CFL bulbs with efficient LED bulbs is a simple and effective way to reduce electricity costs. LED bulbs use less energy and last longer than other types of bulbs. The longer fixture life of LED bulbs will also lower your maintenance costs over time.

To conserve water and lower energy bills, swap out existing faucet aerators and showerheads with water-efficient WaterSense® certified products.

These products use less water than standard fixtures, reducing overall water usage. Because hot water needs to be heated by electric or gas-powered hot water systems, WaterSense products can lower both energy and water costs.

For deeper energy savings, consider replacing aging, inefficient space heating and cooling (HVAC) equipment.

As boilers, furnaces, and cooling systems age, they become less efficient and require repairs more frequently. While replacing these systems can be time-intensive and require more capital investment, they can create measurable financial savings in the form of lower energy bills and reduced maintenance costs. An efficient HVAC system can keep the temperature of your building comfortable and improve overall tenant comfort and satisfaction.

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program can help you optimize your multi-family building's energy efficiency.

Properties that meet income qualifications based on where the property is located (census tract) or if the tenants qualify within program income eligibility guidelines may be eligible for FREE and low-cost energy upgrades. FREE weatherization improvements in common areas and tenant spaces and deep discount incentives for larger HVAC and capital projects are also available.

Properties that don’t meet the income qualifications may qualify for a FREE assessment and FREE and discounted installation of energy-saving products.

Call ComEd at 1-855-433-2700 and schedule your FREE energy assessment.