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Microgrid in Bronzeville Neighborhood Passes Test

May 31, 2019

ComEd recently conducted a test that successfully proved that the microgrid the company is building in Chicago’s Bronzeville community can keep power flowing to families, businesses and critical facilities in an emergency. The “simulated islanding” test checked the resiliency of the microgrid by mimicking events that could affect power delivery, including major weather events, or cyber or physical attacks on the grid.

Essentially a small power grid with defined boundaries, a microgrid can operate in conjunction with the main grid or disconnect from it and operate independently when there’s an interruption on the main grid. The tests ComEd conducted showed the microgrid’s ability to provide power when disconnected from the main grid by drawing upon battery energy storage and solar energy, to serve customers in the microgrid footprint.

The microgrid will be supported with energy from a rooftop solar installation recently completed at Bronzeville’s Dearborn Homes public housing development. The solar panels will help power Dearborn Homes’ 17 buildings, including 660 residential units.

Learn more about the microgrid test here: