Advancing Clean Energy

Making renewables shine even brighter

August 22, 2023

From the increased installation of solar panels and the growth of community solar projects to the emergence of battery energy storage systems, northern Illinois is experiencing significant growth in renewable energy resources.

ComEd estimates that solar power on its power grid, including rooftop and community solar systems, will grow more than five times from almost 500 megawatts (MWs) today to 2,700 MWs by 2030. Sustaining this growth and preparing to serve more electric vehicles, buildings and industries while maintaining grid safety and reliability for ComEd customers will require physical and digital infrastructure upgrades.

Without continuing to invest in grid modernization, the amount of renewable energy resources that can be added to the power grid without compromising reliability or requiring additional infrastructure will be limited. As new technologies and renewable energy sources continue to evolve, the grid must adapt and evolve as well to effectively accommodate them, ensuring the delivery of clean energy and maximizing the benefits to families and businesses.

To ensure renewables can shine brighter, ComEd is making the investments required to support the growth of renewable energy resources to maximize the benefits of these clean energy sources while supporting the goals of the state’s historic Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA).

The multi-year grid and rate plans ComEd filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) earlier this year outline the proposed investments required to support a rapid expansion of renewable energy and help ensure equitable access to the benefits of clean energy under CEJA. The plans align with ComEd 2030, the company’s recently announced vision for a carbon-free energy future that will benefit all communities and meet customers’ changing needs for the rest of this decade and beyond.