Advancing Clean Energy

Is an EV right for me?

August 16, 2022

Transportation is the leading cause of carbon pollution today, and electrifying transportation – including cars and public transit – can create tangible health benefits for all communities and families across northern Illinois, even those who do not choose to use electric transportation options.

In fact, electric vehicles (EVs) can reduce the levels of air pollutants in the areas that would benefit most: minority and low-income communities. For example, the City of Chicago’s Air Quality and Health Index reports the areas with the worst air quality and health indices are also neighborhoods where people of color make up a higher share of the population, and moreover, these communities are more likely to live close to industrial facilities and busy transit routes, where air pollutant emissions are higher.

But for those who are in the market for a new vehicle, navigating the emergent EV industry can be intimidating. To help customers make informed decisions, ComEd offers a variety of resources and information.

EV Toolkit

ComEd’s EV Toolkit is a one-stop-shop that provides information about EVs. It includes an overview of EV brands and models as well as savings, benefits and incentives for the purchase of EVs, which currently include a state rebate and federal tax incentive – the Inflation Reduction Act has expanded the federal tax credit of up to $7,500 to for new EVs and up to $4,000 for used EVs, with some exceptions.

The toolkit also includes a calculator that can determine the potential fuel cost savings of switching from a gas vehicle to an EV. While many EV owners enjoy the convenience of charging at home, others may need to find public charging stations. The EV Toolkit also includes a public charging station locator by zip code.

Finally, the toolkit provides resources for customers who have already purchased an EV, including information about available rate options, the ability to register your EV to help ComEd assess your electric service needs and information to help you choose the charger that meets your needs.

ComEd’s Plan to Reduce Barriers and Support Adoption of EVs:

To counteract climate change and to deliver clean energy benefits for all northern Illinois communities, ComEd has proposed a three-year, $300 million plan to support beneficial electrification, which includes the electrification of transportation. This proposal includes:

  • Residential rebates: $11 million per year in residential rebates to reduce the upfront costs of EVs and in-home charging stations.

  • Customer education: $9 million per year to expand knowledge of EVs and available incentives.

  • Commercial rebates: $47 million per year to support the purchase of fleet vehicles, school buses and transit buses and $10 million per year to support charging infrastructure rebates for businesses and public facilities in or serving environmental justice or R3 communities.

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