Supporting Customers

Customer service is an attitude, not a department

October 10, 2019

Working in customer service at ComEd for eight years, Carlos Jenkins understands the impact customers have on a business’ success. In honor of Customer Service Week this week, ComEd is recognizing Jenkins and all employees who play a direct role in delivering a premier customer experience.

“In customer service, you have to be flexible and have a willingness to assist customers daily,” Jenkins said. “Showing that you care will make a difference between a negative and positive customer service experience.”

Jenkins answers an average of 150 to 200 calls throughout his eight-hour day. From billing assistance to outage reports, each call brings a different story.

“The most challenging part of my job is listening to the customers who have gone through hardships,” Jenkins said. “We try to help as much as we can through our assistance programs.”

Because each customer call and situation is different, Jenkins is quick to clear up a common misconception about customer service.

“A lot of people think we’re reading from a script and that we don’t have any authority to make decisions,” he said. “We don’t speak from a script. We use our skills and judgment to find the best solution for customers.”

For Jenkins, his goal each day is to make a difference in customers’ lives.

“I’m always advocating for customers,” he said. “Helping them is the most rewarding thing about my job.”