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Community organization provides veterans hope through energy savings

May 14, 2019

There’s no way to fully thank military veterans for everything they sacrifice. Even so, ComEd was honored to help when a community organization that supports people who have served was in need.

Hope House, located in New Lenox, Ill., helps veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) receive assistance when returning to civilian life. From job training to counseling, the Hope House is a place for veterans to come together. The purchase of the building was made possible by an endowment from a member of the former Methodist church, but still required renovations and improvements to reimagine the space into the veteran’s facility.

With the help of ComEd’s energy efficiency program, Hope House transformed the building into a safe and comfortable space for veterans. ComEd provided free labor and energy efficiency improvements, including LED fixtures and bulbs, occupancy sensors, exit signs and an air conditioner replacement. ComEd installed LED flat panel lights throughout the building. This type of light doesn’t blink or flicker, which can be a trigger for people with PTSD.

The rebates from ComEd freed up funds that Hope House can use to contribute to its mission instead of renovation costs. The estimated annual electric savings from the improvements is over $29,000.

The ComEd Energy Efficiency program has saved customers more than $3.9 billion dollars since 2008. Customers can learn all the ways they can start saving on energy costs by visiting


To see the full story and the impact ComEd’s energy efficiency program had on Hope House, watch the video above.

The ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program is funded in compliance with state law.