Empowering Communities

ComEd VP Michael Fountain Connects Communities in Chicago to the Bahamas

July 27, 2022

On July 8, to commemorate Bahamas Independence Day, Michael Fountain, VP of Governmental Affairs at ComEd and Chicago’s Bahamas honorary consul, organized an event to celebrate Bahamian citizens in Chicago and proudly raised the Bahamas flag at Chicago’s Daley Plaza.

Born and raised on Chicago’s west side, Michael traces his roots to the Bahamas.

“Getting to know my Bahamian family has been a personal journey. It is the gift of their lineage that I am giving to my sons, so they know who they are and can succeed with the love and support only family can give,” said Michael.

Michael believes his experiences as an American with Bahamian roots have allowed him to maintain successful relationships with resourceful leaders in order to bridge divides and help people. In his consul role, he works to protect the interests of Bahamian nationals by promoting and engaging interested parties in tourism, investment, trade, economic development, culture, science, agriculture, public safety and import and export of goods and services within the U.S. midwestern jurisdiction.

“Diplomacy at its core is about service to the citizens of a nation while building relationships with those who can be of assistance regarding the success of that mission,” said Michael. “The work requires meticulous acknowledgment and respect of every individual with whom you seek collaboration. ComEd’s DEI goals call for the building of a diverse and inclusive work environment, where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Similarly, that means people must be acknowledged and respected, individually, in everything we do, in order for us to achieve our goals.”

In 2019, after the Bahamas was hit by a catastrophic category five hurricane, Michael led efforts to aid recovery in the Bahamas after 70,000 people were left homeless and the country experienced approximately $7 billion in damages.

Michael worked with RainbowPUSH, Life Center Church, Loretto Hospital to host donation drives in Chicago and invited ComEd employees to donate.

Back at ComEd, Michael began his role as VP of Government Affairs in March of 2020, shortly before the initial COVID-19 lockdowns. Nonetheless, Michael has led several key initiatives in accordance with the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA). These efforts have had important impacts on the environment, ComEd’s alignment with state decarbonization and electrification goals and education of the public and regulators on the role that ComEd is playing in developing a reliable, resilient grid.

Michael’s leadership is a testament that ComEd powers lives in Chicago and across the oceans.