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ComEd Helps Make the Chicago Auto Show Electric!

February 17, 2023

The Chicago Auto Show is back and open to the public Feb. 11- 20, but this year it looks a little different. With prominent brands showcasing their new electric vehicles (EVs) and demonstrations of how EV chargers work, there is no denying that the auto industry is on a path to leave fossil fuel-powered cars behind and go full electric.  

A key exhibit at this year’s auto show is the Chicago Drives Electric Track powered by ComEd. The 1/3-mile-long, indoor test track sponsored by ComEd features EVs from BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Nissan and Volkswagen. Attendants can take a ride in one of these electric cars to get a first-hand experience of the ins-and-outs of EVs to help aid their decision when buying a new car in the future.

Melissa Washington, chief customer officer at ComEd, was part of the ‘What Drives Her’ panel Auto Show discussion about the women behind the EV revolution, moderated by Julie Scott, VP, Cars Media Solutions at Speakers on this panel also included Chris Feuell, Chrysler brand CEO; Kathy Gilbert, CDK Global senior director, minority dealer and women retail; and Linda White, BMW director of government and external affairs.

“We are focused on our infrastructure to ensure the grid is stronger and reliable for the expected additional power needs that will come from charging electric cars, electric bikes and electric public transportation,” said Melissa during the panel. “One of our priorities is to offer customer resources to help educate our communities on the future of EVs so they can make the switch at their own pace.”

ComEd 2030, the company’s recently announced vision for an equitable transition to a cleaner energy future, sets a goal for ComEd to support up to 1.8 million EVs on the road in northern Illinois by 2030.

“As part of our commitment to creating a cleaner and brighter future for every community in northern Illinois, ComEd is working to help customers transition to clean transportation that will lower emissions and improve air quality in our communities,” said Melissa. “Making the switch to an EV can be a difficult decision, which is why ComEd offers a variety of resources to help make the process of switching as easy as possible. From the EV Test Track at the Chicago Auto Show to ComEd’s online EV Toolkit, we are here to help our customers navigate their EV journey.”

To help customers navigate the new EV market, ComEd has created a one-stop-shop for those considering an EV purchase. The ComEd EV Toolkit offers a variety of interactive features for individuals and organizations considering EVs and for individuals who have already bought an EV. Customers can use the EV Toolkit to:

  • Calculate Fuel Cost Savings – get a real-time look at your potential fuel cost savings from switching from a gas or diesel vehicle to an EV by plugging in data on your miles driven, current gas prices and more.
  • Review Vehicles and Chargers– peruse a list of EV brands and models available for purchase, and if you have the option to install in-home charging, choose a charger that meets your needs.
  • Search Incentives – review a list of available state rebates and federal tax credits, and how to qualify for incentives before you buy.
  • New EV Owner– find out about service rate options to maximize savings based on the time you charge and register your EV with ComEd to help ensure your home is EV ready.
  • Public Charging Locator– search a map of over 500 public charging stations in the area, and where to charge for free, according to your zip code.
  • Fleet Electrification Tips– explore ComEd’s roadmap to fleet electrification, covering everything from vehicle classes to charging models and technology.

For more information on EVs and to access the toolkit, visit