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Baby Turn the Lights Down Low

February 8, 2024

Love is traveling through the currents of ComEd’s energy grid this Valentine’s Day! As Cupid’s arrow takes aim, ComEd is here to help you weave love and conservation into your celebrations.

“Love knows no bounds, and neither should our commitment to helping customers conserve energy,” said Julie Hollensbe, Senior Manager of Energy Efficiency Portfolio at ComEd. “This Valentine’s Day, let’s embrace eco-romance and create wonderful moments while minimizing our carbon footprint.”

Here are some lovely ENERGY STAR tips to infuse your Valentine’s Day with passion and planet-friendly vibes:

Power Down Electronics: Give your undivided attention to your Valentine by powering down phones and TVs. Not only does this save energy, but it also fosters a deeper connection without distractions.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere: Snuggle up close as you dial down the thermostat. With a smart thermostat, you can cuddle up comfortably while conserving energy – a recipe for warmth and affection.

Set Mood Lighting: Dim the lights and let romance reign supreme with the flicker of candlelight or the soft glow of energy-efficient LEDs. Dimmers add an extra dash of allure, but remember, safety first!

Cook a Homemade Meal:
Stir up love in the kitchen with energy-smart cooking methods. From savory slow cooker delights to microwave marvels, whip up a feast that’s both delicious and eco-friendly.

Movie Night In: Enjoy a cozy movie night at home but consider streaming from a computer or tablet to save energy compared to using a TV.

Combat Vampire Energy: Banish energy vampires from your love nest by unplugging dormant appliances, or consider using an advanced power strip. Save energy, save money, and keep the romance alive without any unwanted guests.

As for gifts, why not indulge in eco delights that speak volumes of your affection? Consider a solar-powered smartphone charger to keep your connection charged, a snugly blanket for cuddle-worthy nights, or a scented candle to ignite passion. ENERGY STAR label can be found on a wide range of home appliances and devices.

On average, ENERGY STAR certified products typically consume up to 70% less energy than standard models, although savings may vary based on the product type and individual usage habits. By opting for ENERGY STAR appliances and devices, consumers can benefit from enhanced energy efficiency, resulting in substantial long-term savings! Dive into the treasure trove of rebates and discounts at for more sustainable gift ideas.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s shower our loved ones with affection while treading lightly on the planet. With love and watts aplenty, happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at ComEd!