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As Temperatures Drop, So Can Your Utility Bill

December 30, 2022

A new year is here and after a month of holiday shopping, hosting parties, and displaying festive lights you might be looking for ways to save money in 2023. Below are five energy-efficiency tips to help you lower your home energy use and save on your electric bill while staying warm through the winter.

ComEd’s Energy Efficiency Program, which is funded in compliance with the state law, has saved customers more than $7 billion on their energy bills since 2008. The award-winning program has helped customers save nearly 65 million megawatt-hours of electricity, which is enough energy to power more than 7.4 million ComEd customers’ homes for one year.

Five Tips to Keep Your Home Warm While Saving Money:

1. Clean or replace air filters– Heating and cooling consume a large portion of total home energy use in an average household. Dirty air filters make your furnace work harder to circulate air. By cleaning or replacing your filters, you can lower your heating and cooling system.

2.Insulate outlets and light switches–Outlets and light switches on the walls that separate your home from the outdoors are often overlooked sources of heating or cooling loss. Insulating these areas can reduce drafts and keep your home more comfortable.

3.Clear areas around heating and cooling vents– Furniture, carpets and other objects can block vents and prevent heated or cooled air from circulating. This makes your heating system work harder and prevents rooms from warming up quickly.

4.Open your shades on winter days for natural light and warmth–Taking advantage of winter sunlight can put a dent in your heating costs. Open blinds during the day to provide natural lighting and capture free heat.

5.Unplug electronics when they’re not in use–Many gadgets, including televisions, DVR boxes, game consoles and computers, continue to use power even when they are off, so unplug electronics when you don’t need them. For convenience, plug devices into a power strip and turn it off.

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