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Advocating for a Diverse Workforce to Break Down Barriers

May 30, 2017

Diverse Supplier Advocacy Award: M. J. Electric, LLC

Ed Farrington, M.J. Electric, LLC, accepting his company's award.

Ed Farrington, M.J. Electric, LLC, accepting his company’s award.

A diverse workforce gives employees the opportunity to overcome barriers to rise through the ranks of corporate America, says Ed Farrington, president of M. J. Electric, LLC, an electrical construction services firm with a regional office based in Glen Ellyn, Ill.

ComEd recently honored M. J. Electric, LLC with the Diverse Supplier Advocacy Award at ComEd’s 2nd Annual Supplier Diversity Awards on April 27.

The annual awards event is an opportunity for ComEd to honor and celebrate successful minority, veteran, and women-owned suppliers that are helping to drive community and economic development across northern Illinois.

Although M. J. Electric is not a minority-owned company, it’s a longtime ComEd supplier and advocate of diversity in the workplace.

“What is important to our customer, is important to us,” Farrington says. “Not only does M. J. Electric, LLC, strive to maintain a diversified workforce but places importance on achieving our customer’s goals as well.

“M. J. Electric is a charter member of the CONSTRUCT program, which gives people an opportunity to take advantage of the abundant amount of work that is out there,” Farrington says.

CONSTRUCT is a training program designed to prepare minority students to compete for entry-level jobs in construction and energy-related fields in neighborhoods throughout Chicago and northern Illinois. The program has graduated more than 300 students with an 80 percent success rate at job placement.

In the past six years, ComEd’s total diversity-certified supplier expenditure reached $2.6 billion, a 339-percent increase, providing new opportunities for African American, Hispanic, Native American, veteran, and women-owned enterprises.

Watch the video for more information about M. J. Electric, LLC.