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4 ways to go green (and save green) this St. Patrick’s Day

March 15, 2019

You don’t need the luck of the Irish this year to go green and save big. Get in the true Saint Paddy’s Day spirit by doing more than just wearing the shamrock shade. ComEd offers ways for you to go green (and maybe even save some green) this holiday:

 Get A Free Energy Assessment

Just as the Chicago River turns an emerald hue, your home can also”go green.” ComEd customers can discover ways to reduce their energy use with a free energy assessment. Customers who get an assessment receive free and discounted products for their home and a personalized report that identifies other ways to save. Call 1-855-433-2700 to schedule an assessment.

 Shift Energy Usage

You don’t need a pot of gold to save money on your energy bill. People who enroll in ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program get access to hourly rates so they can save money by shifting their energy use to times when energy prices are lower. Because energy prices change throughout the day, these customers can pay the hourly market rate, instead of ComEd’s standard fixed-rate. Saving money is as easy as choosing to do laundry on the weekends or picking the right time to cook your favorite recipe of corned beef and cabbage.

 Go Solar

Finding a four-leaf clover is hard, but offsetting energy costs while reducing your home’s environmental impact doesn’t have to be. A solar energy system uses solar panels to capture sunlight and convert it into energy. Not sure if solar is right for you? Launch our solar calculator to learn about your solar options and the potential costs.

 Take Advantage of Discounts and Rebates

Spend less on home products and more on St. Patrick’s Day festivities by taking advantage of ComEd’s inclusive deals. ComEd offers rebates and discounts on appliances, lighting, thermostats, pool pumps and more. Click here to learn how to save $100 on a smart thermostat and $275 on an in-ground pool pump.

The ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program is funded in compliance with state law.