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What would it cost to power Clark Griswold’s light display?

December 19, 2019

In the holiday classic “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” Clark Griswold famously decorates his family’s house in a light display so big and bright that it not only blinds his neighbors, but it causes a citywide power outage.

With 25,000 lights, the festive display was undoubtedly the brightest on the block. But Clark was likely also blind to the costs of powering the lights for his old-fashioned Christmas display.

So, what would it cost to pull off Clark’s lights display in Illinois today?

  • Using the traditional incandescent holiday lights in widespread use when Christmas Vacation came out in 1989, it would cost $3,699.85 today.*
  • Using the LED holiday lights that are now widely available, it would cost just $68.71.*

Good thing Clark received his Christmas bonus (and modern LED lights were invented)!

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*Calculations are based on 25,000 large bulb lights being on for five hours a day for 31 days in Illinois.