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Going the distance (literally) for love

February 14, 2020

ComEd employees Jeff and Brandie Lewis have been married for 14 years.

Although they both work for ComEd, their love story didn’t start there.

Jeff became good friends with Brandie’s dad, Stan, while working together at a cement plant. He noticed a picture of Brandie on Stan’s desk.

“I couldn’t help but notice a beautiful girl in the picture,” Jeff said.

Determined to meet Brandie, Jeff reached out to her by email.

“It was Dec. 7, 2004, and the email read: Hey it’s Jeff, do you have a boyfriend?” Brandie said. “The rest is history.”

Brandie and Jeff

At the time, Brandie was working to become a teacher in Florida. After emailing for several months, Brandie flew to Illinois to meet Jeff. Two years later, they got married. They’ve spent a large part of their married life building a farm together.

“For 12 years, we renovated our farm where we raised cattle and egg laying hens,” Brandie said.

The couple recently moved to a house on the river in Dixon, Ill.

“Our back wall is glass windows that overlook the river,” Jeff said. “We like to light a fire and enjoy each other’s company.”

Although Jeff and Brandie both work for ComEd, they rarely see each other on the job. Jeff is a performance assessment specialist, and Brandie is a facilitator for the company’s behavioral accident prevention process, or BAAP.

When they’re not working, they enjoy spending time with their three kids, three grandkids, and dog, Otis.

“My favorite memory together is every day I get to spend with Brandie,” Jeff said.

Brandie (left) and Jeff (right) with their granddaughter