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Getting young women excited about STEM

August 14, 2019

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls and ComEd came together to place valuable, innovative career options like those offered in STEM, in front of young women to impact and alter the trajectory of their lives.

Mercy Home is dedicated to changing the future for the boys and girls, ages of 9 to 21, who turn to them for help in their most critical hour. The organization understands that most of us grew up in a safe and stable home where we had shelter, food, clothing and safety. But a home provides more than just these basics. A home offers us love, laughter, and belonging. A home promises nurturing and growth.

To empower the young women at Mercy Home, ComEd women engineers held a week-long STEM program to excite them about careers in science and technology. The ComEd engineers shared their experiences, offered advice and taught the participants engineering fundamentals.

To see how the week unfolded, watch the video below:

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