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Five Reasons Why One Million Users Have Downloaded Our App

September 20, 2017

In today’s fast-paced world, people like the flexibility and convenience of managing their business on the go. With the swipe of a finger, customers can schedule a service, pay a bill, or get the information they need.

That’s why in 2012, ComEd launched its full-service mobile app, long before many energy companies offered the service. And today, more than one million users have downloaded the app and conducted more than 4.9 million transactions.

Here are the top 5 reasons to love the ComEd mobile app: 

ComEd app

ComEd mobile app

1. We remember you: The ComEd mobile app offers a “persistent login” option, meaning it gives you the option to store login information to enable you quick account access without having to recall your username or password.

2. You can check whether your power is on – in real time: Imagine you are out for dinner in the city and you hear about storms passing through your community. Your kids are home with a babysitter, and you want to check whether your electricity is still on. Grab your smart phone, open the ComEd app, touch the outage tab, and it will connect in real-time to your smart meter to determine if it is energized. Approximately 3.6 million smart meters have been installed throughout the ComEd territory so far.

3. Easily report an outage: If your smart meter is not energized, you can touch the “Report an Outage” button to file your report. Because you are already logged in, your home information is already stored, so you don’t need to look up your account information before you alert us about your outage.

4. Check your energy usage: Does it seem like your teenager runs the hairdryer for most of the month? Does your spouse likes to stand with the fridge open for ages to select just the right beverage? You can use your ComEd app to check your energy usage. In the mobile app, touch “My Usage” to immediately see your average daily use, monthly usage for the past year, and how your energy usage compares to your neighbors.

5. Get alerts on the go: The mobile app can notify you if you are using a higher-than-normal amount of energy or if your payment is due. You can also get push notifications of your outage restoration status. Set up these reminders in the “My Alerts & Notifications” section in the “More” tab of the app.

Hopefully you are one of the more than one million ComEd customers who already use the app, but if not – download it now and get started.