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Engineering Firm Goes Green, Reduces Carbon Footprint

July 4, 2017

Go Green Energy Sustainability Award: Primera Engineers Ltd.

To reduce its carbon footprint, Primera Engineers Ltd., extensively analyzes its employees’ consumption of electricity, water, and paper, along with the carbon emissions from their commutes to determine areas for improvement.

Primera’s findings have resulted in it offering a travel voucher program to help fund a portion of its employees’ public transportation costs. In addition, Primera developed a monthly Energy Usage Report that it sends to each of its offices showing which is more efficient on a monthly basis.

“We feel this provides a meaningful way to get all of our employees involved and invested in reducing Primera’s impact on the grid,” says Erin M. Inman, the president and chief executive officer of Primera.

Programs such as these led to ComEd honoring the Chicago-based engineering design and consulting firm with the inaugural Go Green Energy Sustainability Award at ComEd’s 2nd Annual Supplier Diversity Awards.

The annual awards event is an opportunity for ComEd to honor and celebrate successful minority, veteran, and women-owned suppliers that are helping to drive community and economic development across northern Illinois.

Erin purchased Primera from its retiring co-founders in 2016. She previously served as a senior vice president responsible for leading, managing and growing the firm’s utilities division.

The Go Green Energy Sustainability Award honors a company that significantly helps drive energy leadership and invention with a strong roadmap for driving clean energy, energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability.

ComEd Executives with Erin Inmann

ComEd’s Fidel Marquez and Michelle Blaise with Primera’s Erin Inman and ComEd’s Anne Pramaggiore and Terry Donnelly at ComEd’s Supplier Diversity Awards.



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