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Employee saves choking woman at grocery store

April 21, 2020

What started as a routine run to the grocery store ended up as a moment Dale Belsky will never forget. 

The ComEd substation operator and his wife were in the checkout line when they noticed a woman choking.

The elderly woman was alone and gestured that she needed help, but most people misinterpreted the situation. 

“COVID-19 just started becoming more prevalent when this happened, so people were moving away because they thought she was just coughing,” Belsky said.

When he noticed an employee escorting the woman out of the store, he quickly followed.

Dale Belsky, ComEd substation operator

“I’ve had to take first-aid training for my job at ComEd, so I knew what I had to do,” he said.

Once outside, Belsky sprang into action.

“The woman kept saying she was choking,” Belsky said. “That’s when I performed the Heimlich Maneuver, and a big piece of gum came out of her mouth.”

The woman thanked him for saving her life.

“She was very grateful that someone helped her,” he said. “Life is so precious, and I’m glad I was there.”