Advancing Clean Energy

Disrupting the Market to Deliver a Clean Energy Future

April 26, 2016

A disruption to the 130-year-old electric utility industry is on the way, thanks to customers’ interests in environmental sustainability, their demand for more personalized services and the steady march of new technology. That’s why Chicago-based ComEd is focused on creating a new model through which they can serve customers differently and better than ever before. Four years into one of the largest smart grid programs in the nation, ComEd is leveraging the smarter, more resilient and flexible system to meet changing consumer demands and deliver new value to customers – from smart thermostats to Smart Cities and more.

Hear more directly from our experts – Joe Svachula, vice president, ComEd Smart Grid and Technology; Isaac Akridge, vice president, Support Services and Brian Hurst, director, Business Data Analytics – who recently participated in a widely-attended webinar hosted by Zpryme, a research-based firm focused on energy, transportation, and mobile.