Supporting Customers

A little tweet that packs power!

December 5, 2017

Nowadays because of improvements made to the electric grid, power is much more reliable. But when Mother Nature unleashes her fury through storms, power outages can happen. If the lights go out, ComEd can now give you a status update on when your power will be restored through social media.

It’s easy with ComEd’s Twitter Outage Reporting app. Simply log in to your Twitter account and tweet #OUT to @ComEd. Follow the prompts until your twitter handle is linked to your ComEd account. It’s that easy!

Once you’ve signed up, getting status updates is just a tweet away. Tweet #STAT to @ComEd for the latest status update letting you know when your power will be back on.

If your power is ever out, ComEd updates are just a tweet away! Tweet #OUT to @ComEd to report and outage, or #STAT for the latest status update.