Supporting Customers

A Little Birdie Can Tell Us When Your Power is Out

September 15, 2016

Now, reporting a power outage is as easy as one, two, TWEET.

ComEd customers who have signed up for the Twitter Outage Reporting Application can now tweet @ComEd to report a power outage with one of the specified hashtags (e.g., #OUT). The customer will receive an automatic response confirming receipt of their outage report. Each of these responses will direct customers to the ComEd website, mobile application, text service, or outage map for more information about the status of their outage.

This new service is a first-of-its-kind in the utility industry, and the latest in a series of enhancements made in an effort to deliver more convenient and innovative solutions for customers.

“We realize that each customer is unique, so it only makes sense that we should have a variety of platforms and self-service options that can be tailored to individual preferences,” said Val Jensen, senior vice president of Customer Operations, ComEd.

Registration is quick and simple. Visit and follow the prompts. Once you’ve completed the form, you will be enrolled in the program and will be able to tweet in your real-time report on power outages, 24/7.

ComEd wants to make it easier for you to report an outage – so we can restore your power as quickly and safely as possible.